Bluesource Renewables

Bluesource Renewables L3C (BSR) is a low-profit company designed to help non-profits redirect energy expenses into program impact. Nested under the Bluesource name, BSR leverages decades of experience and innovation to continue our legacy of social responsibility.  We use our history as environmental market makers to guide Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) through the complex world of energy management.

Non-profits and NGOs must spend billions of dollars each year on non-missional activities, such as paying utility bills. For organizations with constrained budgets dependent on charitable giving, simply keeping the lights on can often feel like a burden.  We offer solutions that result in bottom-line savings on utility bills—which translates into more money to put toward your mission.


Bluesource Renewables has discovered that most NGOs have been overcharged by their utility provider. Fortunately, many of these charges can be reimbursed. Bluesource Renewables can quickly and securely perform a utility bill audit to identify any overcharges your organization may have incurred. The process is simple: we have a checklist that only takes a few quick minutes to fill out. If you’ve been overcharged, we can assist in getting a reimbursement request submitted for you in less than a week. We’ll also process all of the paperwork required to get the overcharges stopped for good. We ask for no up-front fees and only request a share of the amount you’re ultimately reimbursed for, payable only after you’ve received the value. 

Solar Energy

Renewable energy is an important element of caring for our planet. However, the renewable energy market can often feel overwhelming and inaccessible to non-profits. Bluesource Renewables believes that solar energy can provide simple and clean solutions to both environmental concerns and non-profit budget constraints. Our focus is on helping you redirect energy costs into your mission. As a result, our strategy returns much more of the value of the solar system to the NGO than other deals you may have seen before. Not sure how solar can help offset your utility costs? Check out this live report of production and consumption for our Intermountain Christian School project.

Long-Term Energy Efficiency

Beyond recouping utility overcharges, Bluesource Renewables also offers non-profits long-term options for energy bill savings, ultimately freeing up more capital to have greater missional impact. There are a range of innovative financing options available to enable non-profits to take advantage of federal, state and local incentives for energy efficiency. We provide an industry standard ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) Level 2 Energy Efficiency Audit and create a customized energy plan to determine a facility’s opportunity to reduce its energy consumption through no-to-low-cost solutions. This can typically reduce future utility bills by 10-30% annually. You can then redistribute those funds to other mission initiatives or to your local budget.

Global Impact

Your energy savings will have a global impact too! As a social purpose company, a significant portion of our profits go straight into our Social Impact Fund where they are allocated to empowering some of the world’s most marginalized peoples. We work with our affiliate, Illuminate L3C, to install photovoltaic cells (solar PV) in developing countries. So far, we’ve installed solar systems on  facilities in Swaziland and Guatemala among other countries. Illuminate has also partnered with international NGOs to find eligible recipient candidates of micro-loans to educate, teach, and train local nationals to install solar PV systems. This creates numerous tangible benefits including electricity, education, local jobs, community development, and security. Wherever possible, we will do our best to provide you with reports and photos of the developing-world families whose lives are impacted as a direct result of your savings.