Energy Markets

Our team has over 30 years of oil, gas and natural gas liquids (NGLs) sourcing, transportation, trading and sales in North America and Canada. In addition, our management has owned and operated production, processing, refining and distribution facilities for oil and gas. Physical displacements, exchanges and trades (cash and position) – which are rare and logistically challenging – has been an historical forte.

Our experience in sourcing, refining, purification, marketing and sales of regulation-heavy, engineering-heavy, and specification-heavy products has given our team unique experience reflective of the emerging environmental marketplace.

Finally, our team has significant leadership exposure to public-private working relationships (e.g. Local Governments for Sustainability, ICLEI). When blended with our commodity and specialty product knowledge, this exposure opens doors to problem solving and relational building that is unparalleled among our competitors.

In short, our energy and special markets breadth of experience is significant, especially when:

    • Energy markets support environmentally beneficial transactions (biogas, etc.)
    • Regulatory complexity in specialty markets abounds (ARB, etc.)
    • Technical rigor is necessary to understand the value proposition of a customer (which is true for most everything we do)