Sources of Capital Investment and Influence

At our core, we are market makers with a long history in emerging environmental and energy markets. Our position as such awards us solid views of and leverage to engage in new markets, technologies, market designs, and strategic partners.

We have a recognized history of raising and placing capital into environmental and energy markets. In the last 20 years, we have raised through Bluesource and our affiliates $20 million of debt (energy), $130 million of equity (environmental and energy), and $500 million of investment capital (environmental) with financing structures including senior debt; hybrid debt-equity; constructed performance debt; early-, mid- and growth-stage equity; and committed investment capital.

Due to recent movements, regulatory, social, and commercial arenas are nearing or exceeding their tipping points for dramatic change; therefore, we anticipate capital flow will increase meaningfully in both environmental and energy markets through 2020. Impact investing continues to reflect historical investment returns with environmental, social, and governance (ES&G) prominence both in debt and equity markets.

Our forward investment emphasis, like our history, will be in hard assets, market mechanisms and services. While we typically do not invest in management teams, we provide services to start-ups, early-stage technologies, and market makers through various structures.

Investors pursuing ES&G performance of their capital, in addition to a financial return, are seeking transparent and common standards on which to monitor and measure the investment’s impact. Alignment in a single regional or global standard is a near-term objective as the investor community looks for best practices and seasoned management teams. Presently, depending on the investment class and duration, Bluesource uses various third-party monitoring and measurement services and tools.

The Role of Influence

We believe markets form and develop with the cooperation of interested and capable communities. We believe that early-stage markets – carbon mitigation, impact investing, certain renewables, nutrients and others – demand an even higher level of market participant support and resources. This helps ensure the early evolution of the marketplace does not hamper the marketplace potential.

Bluesource participates in organizational structures dedicated to specific problem solving as these markets launch and develop. These include strategic alliances, private and public advisories, founders’ circles in market development and regulation, and various product and services working committees.

Even the launch of Bluesource itself in 2001 was our pursuit of developing the early carbon offset markets. Since then, we have started or nurtured various for and not-for-profit ventures in low-carbon infrastructure; carbon capture, utilization and storage; poverty abatement, and low-carbon technologies. To this end, we are committed to aid innovative social and environmental entrepreneurial efforts when possible.